Smart Power


Transform any plug-in device into an SMART device!
Smart Power

Connect, Control, Conserve

The humble socket. It is at the core of every electric device, yet it isn’t very smart. But now is now time for an update. Revogi power control devices upgrade your sockets to give you control over when to turn them on or off, and let you monitor the behaviour of plugged-in devices to save electricity!
Smart Power

Save Energy, Go Orange!

Uncover and understand the electricity consumption of your devices. The Revogi Power Plug can measure both real-time power (Watts) and log your historical energy usage (kWh) for the past day, week and month.
Smart Power

Schedule Your Sockets

Not using an appliance? You can schedule it to turn off and stop electrical consumption. Off-peak hours often mean cheaper electricity, and with Revogi Smart Power devices you can schedule your appliances to take use of that.
Smart Power

Smart Parenting

Plug a game console or a TV into the Smart Power device in your child’s room to control when your child can play games. Parents can set countdown timers for the console or TV and control it remotely.
Smart Power

Plug and Play

Setup starts with plugging your Revogi Smart Power device into a socket, and ends at downloading and opening our app. Home automation should be seamless, and it doesn’t get any simpler than with our Cloud-enabled solutions. No complicated client-side setup procedures, Revogi’s proprietary technology seamlessly connects the dots in the background.
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