Revogi creates technologies for smarter and more energy efficient homes. Turning complex technologies into simple experiences that delight users and help them connect, control, and conserve, is at the core of Revogi. Orange is the new green. As an advocate for smarter homes and a greener (or a more orange) planet, Revogi firmly believes that thoughtful technology can empower users to improve their lives and reduce their burden on the environment at the same time. With a strong R&D and technical background, as well as in-house manufacturing capabilities, Revogi has successfully developed multiple products to do just that since its establishment in 2012.

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Los Altos



Smart Power Plug

Power Meter: 81W

Smart Power Strip

Power Meter: 236W

Revogi Office

Temp. 77

Humid. 60%

Pressure 1102mbar


Ignite the revolution!

The theme color of the Revogi brand is bright orange, which stands for happiness, creativity, determination and energy. Revogi is a young, dynamic and forward thinking company and so is its brand. Revogi introduces products that are fresh and innovative. Our goal is to promote smart home solutions and take part in the market transition where smart home devices will be affordable and approachable for everyone. We aim to take the Smart Home from a niche market to the mass consumers and become a world class brand.

Connect, control, conserve!

Revogi products enable the user to create a safe and responsive environment in their house. That’s not all! Revogi products encourage eco-awareness and environmentally friendly attitude by providing the solutions to being aware and in control of the power consumption in their houses and thereby letting users save on their electricity bills! Locate and eliminate power vampires and standby power. Live green. Through our mobile app anyone is able to easily control the smart devices from the palm of their hand. Connect the device to your phone – Control the devices in your home – Conserve energy and save on expenses. #OrangeIsTheNewGreen!

Live Appy, Live Smart!

Our goal is to make our products affordable and as easy and intuitive as possible. Cloud ready and gateway free, plug & play products that can be taken home and used right away without complicated installation or configuration.



Revogi is firmly convinced that product value cannot be achieved through technology alone, only human-centered design concept empowers us to make the difference for your life, and what we seek is to form a cohesive team and respond more quickly and intuitively to your needs. Our mission: to create and deliver simple, affordable, reliable product concept that ignite the Revolution.

26 Average age
28 Engineers
8 iOS Programmers
10 Android Programmers

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