Smart lighting


Millions of colors @ your mood!
Smart lighting

Your Mood, Your Color

Colors around you set your mood. Revogi Smart Lighting products sets the colors around you. Choose warm colors to relax, cool whites to concentrate, or intense colors to get inspired and energized. Up to 10 Revogi Smart Lightbulbs, Smart Lightstrips and Candlelights can be controlled from the same Mobile app at the same trime. Choose from 16 millions colors. Revogi Smart Lighting products are also dimmable from 100 to 0% to perfectly fit every occasion.
Smart lighting

App Control Couldn’t Be Simpler

Connect to your device using our Delite app to control up to 10 devices at once through Bluetooth 4.0. It’s as easy as a few taps, we called it Delite for a reason.
Smart lighting

Delite for Apple Watch

Now you can easily control your Smart Bulb directly from your Apple Watch
Smart lighting

Schedule your lights

Set your Bulb to turn on or off at specific times. Let the light turn on gradually to wake you up. It’s so much better than an angry alarm clock.
Smart lighting

The darkness isn’t scary anymore

Let your kid go to sleep with soft lights on, and let them dim out over time.
Smart lighting

Proximity sensor

Set the light to turn on and off automatically as you enter or leave the room.
Smart lighting

Anti-Burglar mode

Scare burglars away by letting your lights turn on and off randomly while you are on vacation, giving an impression that someone is home.
Smart lighting

Music Visualizer

Revogi lighting products can use your phone to listen to music and can change colors to the rhythm. Perfect for a spontaneous party at home!
Smart lighting

SMS/Call alert

The lights flash several times when you receive a message or a call on your phone so you won’t miss something imoportant even when you left your phone on silent mode.
Smart lighting

Plug and Play

No hubs, no installation, no hassle. Setting up any Revogi Lighting product is as easy as plugging it in or screwing it into a fixture. Even your cat could do it. Sort of.
  • Delite 1100ct

  • Smart Lightstrip

  • Smart Candlelight

  • Smart Lightbulb