1 Plug in Revogi Power strip. Enable smartphone Wi-Fi and connect “Revogi-Stripxxxxxx”. XEPM[M1B[(([9J`IJJTB32B D$4{LF~5JT1`)LCL_T82KDA   2. When the "Revogi-Stripxxxxxx" is connected on WiFi , we can control directly via the app without home WiFi ; Then to add into the WiFi , please " Power Control"--"Settings"--"Choose a network" IMG_1386    91{]A5]}RVJC0]}VJ89KA@U IMG_1398    3}XN1IJ2CVK}67C[3DB33NT 3. Click "OK ", then the power strip is added into your WiFi network , you can check and find the WiFi indicator on the power strip becomes green on. 4. As a last step, change the smartphone WiFi from power strip to your WiFi network ; GNUT3Q)7W)3I]49YM1S}@X2   [embed]http://youtu.be/mmOgtrvliHQ[/embed]

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