Tap the "Power Control", enter the device list ,choose the power strip you wanna revise its information (if you have several revogi power control devices). A. Change the name of the device The default name will be like "Revogi-Strip xxxx", tap the default name and input what you would like ; ]8U0OPBZVB5U1_MK]80WJJE   B.Change the image and name of each port Enter the power strip which with 6 ports listed , you can also redefine the image and name as you actual needs ; XL~5)8[1_31N}4$[FTG$R~4   BCVOTW65ABWP~S[E(_X[X{6 With above operations, you can find the exact application want to control instantly by checking the image and name of the power port you redefined.

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