There are few steps you can follow to find out why your app cannot find the Smart Candle Light while scanning for new devices: 1.Check whether the Candle Light is switched on or not? If NO→Switch on the Candle Light manually and scan again. If YES → 2.Check whether your smartphone/tablet Bluetooth is turned on? If NO→Turn on the Bluetooth and scan again. If YES→ 3.Check whether there is another device paired with your Candle Light? (Other Smartphone or tablet) If Yes →Turn off the Bluetooth and quit Delite on that device. If NO→ 4.Check whether your smartphone/tablet is within the Bluetooth range? If NO →Move closer to the Candle Light and scan again. If YES →Reboot your device OR turn the Candle Light off manually and then turn it on. After that make sure the above problems are solved and try scanning again. cannot find the bulb

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