Revogi Innovation Co., Ltd.
Rise with the Sun

Let Revogi Delite 2 wake you up gently by turning on at the desired time and brighten the room gradually using the Daylight-aware feature.
Good morning!

Let Revogi Smart Sense get you ready in the morning by reporting all the environmental essentials you need from temperature to air pressure all in one easy to use app.
20 °c
55 %
999 mbar
88 Lux
80 dB
Coffee is ready!

Let Revogi Smart Meter Plug turn on and off your appliances at any desired time.
Never miss your morning coffee, schedule your coffee to be ready at 7 AM.
Leave home with confidence

Revogi Smart Door Sensor will alert you on your smart phone if you have left a door open.
Monitor your hone anytime, anywhere!

Using the Revogi Smart Camera, you can check on your home, kids or pets anytime.
Who is Home?

The Revogi Smart Sensor can alert you that someone has entered your home and the Revogi Smart Cam can tell who is at home.
You got Mail!

The Revogi Smart Door Bell can tell you that someone is at the front door. You can communicate with the person and give instruction on what to do with your packages or give the person the impression that you are home but cannot open the door.
Avoid water leak damage.

Get an early alert from Revogi Water Leak sensor on your smart phone to avoid costly repairs later.
TV Time?

Use the Revogi Smart Power Strip to turn on all your video components with one switch using the master-slave feature.
Good Night!

Use the Revogi Delite 2 to dim the light gradually helping the little ones go to sleep easily.